At Columbus Hospital. we offer a range of psychiatric services including outpatient services, inpatient services, daycare services, alcohol and drug deaddiction services, Destress and relaxation services, counseling for marital conflicts, relationship difficulties, academic performances etc for all patients of all age groups.

Our services include

  • Comprehensive Psychiatric Assessment Service
  • Professional Psychological Assessment Service
2.For Adults
  • Columbus Hospital's Program for Adults
  • Professionals (including doctors, lawyers, IT professionals, managers, etc) in Crisis Program
3.For Children and Adolescents
  • Child Assessment, Treatment and Behavior Therapy Program
  • Adolescents Assessment, Treatment and Psychological Therapy Program
4.Drug and Alcohol Deaddiction Services
5.Columbus Hospital's Day Care Programs
6.Columbus Hospital's Inpatient and Residential Programs
7.Relaxation and De-Stress Programs
8.For Elderly and Old Age
  • Dementia and Memory Clinics
  • Elderly Assessment and Treatment Program