About Wish2live Foundation

Depression and Suicide

Depression is a medical disease and when severe this disease makes one think of suicide. The thought of suicide is very painful and one should seek professional help as early as possible.
Depression and its effects on the mind can be treated effectively with medications and professional help.


There are lots of misconceptions regarding the depressive disorder/depression and Suicide. Apart from normal people, even some medical professionals misunderstand it. Many tend to view this disease as a condition or a normal variation of mood and people can get over it by their will power.
The aim of this site is to give the right and latest information regarding the depressive disorder/disease and suicide prevention to

  • People who have depressive disease
  • Those who have suicidal thoughts
  • People who love and care for those who have depressive disease.
  • To create a forum of support for people who access this site.
  • Medical professionals to understand the seriousness of this illness.

Aims of the Foundation

Wish to live Foundation is formed in memory of beloved people who lost their lives to the Depressive Disease and Suicide.
The aims of this foundation is:

  • To help prevent further loses of lives to the depressive disease.
  • To provide right information and support people who are suffering from this disease.
  • To support the carers.
  • To create awareness of this disease among medical professionals as well as the general public.

Other medical diseases affect heart, lungs, stomach, and other organs. This medical disease affects the very purpose of life – happiness, pleasure, satisfaction, energy, motivation, ambition, dreams, self-esteem, hope, love and above all the wish to live.
We would be glad to answer any of your questions regarding Depression and Suicide.
Do mail us at admin@wish2live.com