Since inception, COLUMBUS HOSPITAL staff have been treating individuals with severe and complex psychiatric illnesses. Our Staff empathizes and understands the problems faced by the patients and their families. That dedication by our staff is visible in each and everyday in the work we do with patients and their families in our inpatient psychiatric treatment programs and services.


  • Comprehensive Psychiatric Assessment Service
  • Professional Psychological Assessment Service

For Children and Adolescents

  • Child Assessment and Treatment Program
  • Adolescents Assessment and Treatment Program

For Adults

  • COLUMBUS HOSPITAL's Program for adults
  • Professionals in Crisis Program

For Elderly and Old Age

  • Dementia and Memory Clinics
  • Elderly Assessment and Treatment Program

Drug and Alcohol Deaddiction Services

Relaxation and De-Stress Programs

For more information about how we can help, please call our Admissions Office at 040 27761112 or 040 27761113