COLUMBUS Hospital is committed to provide comprehensive and advanced psychiatric services with highest quality care, empathy, compassion, and respect for each individual's psychiatric health, their rights and dignity as well as addressing the concerns of their attendants, relatives and carers. A Multidisciplinary Team management approach promotes the reduction of human suffering, maximizes restoration of quality of life, and each individual's continued progression toward reintegration into the society. We are committed to develop and practice the most advanced, up-to-date and most effective psychiatric treatment approaches on par with international standards.


COLUMBUS Hospital will be recognized as the most advanced, modern, progressive, effective and innovative Psychiatric Center. This Center will be dedicated to deliver the most advanced quality mind care with compassion as well as provide highest quality support to the family members who are faced with mounting stressors.
Our recovery vision for every individual is by paying attention to their personal goals and preferences, promoting their self confidence, determination and improving their overall quality of life. This empowers each individual with the ability to utilize their potential to progress in life and achieve what they want in life beyond psychiatric illness.


We are committed to provide and maintain the highest standards of psychiatric healthcare. Our principal aim is to diagnose psychiatric illnesses and provide the most advanced and quality psychiatric care available anywhere in the world. We aim to work with each patient on his or her particular needs and goals. We strive to promote independence, encourage healthy lifestyle options and facilitate a phased individual recovery plan so that they would function to their optimum level and reintegrate into their family and societal roles as soon as possible.
Apart from acute psychiatric care, we want to provide an advanced comprehensive psychiatric treatment and rehabilitation program, enabling people with psychiatric problems to maintain and rebuild meaningful, valued and satisfying lives even in the face of ongoing psychiatric problems with our team of dedicated and highly qualified psychiatric health professionals.
We aim to evolve the Center into a Institute of Excellence in Patient and Attendants’ Care, Academics and Research in the Field of Advanced Psychiatry.


While providing care, we will accept responsibility and will be accountable to all our clients and their carers. We will be honest, open and consistent in all our communications as we strive for excellence in providing advanced and quality mental health care.
We will understand the situation and circumstances of our clients and their carers. We will strive to provide the best care with compassion. We will empathize with our clients and their carers to provide the optimum standard care. This is based upon best practice outcomes and evidence based guidelines.
We will work as a team, following evidence-based protocols and standard guidelines, to ensure the best possible outcomes for the patients.
We will work with integrity, and will be ethical in all our works. We will be transparent in all our communications about patient care, costings and billings wherever applicable in the best interests of the patient.
We will act with honesty and respect taking into account the rights of all our clients and their carers. We will adhere to our statement and mission of confidentiality and respect with your care in mind.
We will remain open-minded at all times, adapting to change and needs of the clients and their carers, welcoming any differences of opinion by acting in the best interests of the care of the client.