J2R –Alcohol and Drug Recovery Center (ADRC) - Journey to recovery

J2R –Alcohol and Drug Recovery Center (ADRC)
is a division of Columbus Hospital. Our clinical staff, medical specialists, and executive teams are caring, seasoned experts who understand the importance of integrated treatment programs for Alcohol and Drug Dependency / substance abuse, customized to an individual’s requirement. From initial assessment to aftercare, our facility offers a nurturing environment that fosters successful recovery.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality, comprehensive, compassionate, affordable and innovative care to adult men and women struggling with alcohol and / or drug addiction and mental / behavioral health issues. Through research-based and empathetic care we instill hope that long-term recovery is possible. Our purpose and passion is to empower the individual, his / her family, and the community through the promotion of optimal wellness of the mind, body, and spirit.

The Disease of Addiction

Integral to our mission is the fact that addiction is a treatable disease, as are its associated medical, psychological, and social complications. Addiction signifies a physical and psychological dependency on drugs and alcohol. Depending on the drug type, the disease can take control quickly or gradually over time. Regardless of the drug type, the disease wreaks havoc on the user’s life and the lives of his or her loved ones.

It is truly possible to become addiction-free and enjoy a healthy, satisfying life. In order to establish a foundation for ongoing recovery, one must not only recognize and accept the need for Alcohol and Drug abstinence but also undergo changes in attitude, behavior, lifestyle, and values.

Taking the First Step
Admitting that you or someone you care about has an Alcohol and Drug dependency problem isn’t easy.
How do you know when drinking or drug use has gotten out of hand? Generally, if it interferes with family and social life, work, health, emotional stability and/or spiritual life, then Alcohol and Drug dependency is a problem.

Recovery is an all-encompassing commitment to wellness.

Columbus Hospital’s J2R- Alcohol and Drug Recovery Center (ADRC) offers the highest quality evaluation and treatment for people with alcohol and/or drug dependency problems.

Located in Begumpet, Hyderabad, India, ADRC provides all levels of care (Detox, RT, and IOP) to adult men and women struggling with substance abuse and behavioural health issues. ADRC offers traditional therapies including group, family, and individual, as well as recovery-oriented therapies and personal training. High level of safety and confidentiality is maintained.

ADRC maximizes the probability of sustained recovery with tailored treatment plans and by providing services for the complete restoration and balance of mind, body, and spirit. Our treatment philosophy is very humane and compassionate, patients are treated with utmost dignity and respect and their rights are always protected. NO treatment is carried out without the express approval of the patient and guardian, we strive to maintain the highest level of care and follow international treatment protocols.

ADRC has well qualified multi-disciplinary team (medical doctors, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, psychologists, counselors, nursing staff, social workers, laboratory personnel and administrative staff) to render various modalities of care. This multi-disciplinary ADRC team is committed to providing comprehensive care in a compassionate setting. We have a thorough understanding of the disease process and follow eclectic treatment strategies and also work on the 12-step philosophy. This environment encourages innovative treatment strategies that serve Alcohol and Drug dependent patients.

Clinical care is provided through Intensive Outpatient, Residential treatment, and Partial hospitalization treatment. Help is available for the treatment of disorders related to use of all the substances i.e. Alcohol, Opioids, Cannabis, Tobacco etc.

Treatment modalities include both pharmacological (i.e. with medications) and non-pharmacological (i.e. psychological / social) treatments. Both medically assisted and drug-free treatment related to drug use, and long-term supervised medications (Buprenorphine / Methadone/Naltrexone maintenance therapy) are provided. The centre carries out the relevant haematological, biochemical laboratory tests to monitor health damage. Further, several drugs of abuse are screened simultaneously through analysis of patients’ urine sample. Apart from this we also provide In-house psychiatric assessment and psychological tests.

The Gateway to Treatment:

Assessment Clinic
Recovery begins with a comprehensive assessment of your condition. A thorough medical, psychological and laboratory assessment is performed. Then a course of treatment — tailored to your unique needs — is prescribed. Please arrive 30 minutes early for your assessment appointment to allow time to complete our questionnaire. You can plan on spending a couple of hours with our staff. Bring a list of prescribed medications, the names of prescribing physicians, and any prior Alcohol and Drug dependency and / or treatment experiences.

You are encouraged to bring a family member or friend with you to provide additional historical information.

From Inpatient to Independence:

Levels of Care
ADRC offers a full spectrum of treatment services to each client, based upon his or her individual needs as assessed through comprehensive evaluations at admission and throughout his or her participation in the program.

The range of a facility’s treatment options, in terms of structured support, can be determined by looking at the Levels of Care offered in its programs. The four Levels of Care (listed below in order of intensity), so you can be sure to choose the facility most likely to bring you success. All programs are time bound and structured to individual needs.

Our Treatment Programs

Medical Detox
Detox is the highest level of care because it involves medical monitoring of the withdrawal process so the body can safely heal from Alcohol and Drug dependency, quantum of stay depends on a case to case basis. (Average stay is 3 to 7 days)

Residential Treatment (RT)
RT is the inpatient treatment of clients who have been medically cleared and whose withdrawal symptoms have stabilized. Residential clients reside at our facilities and are monitored 24/7 and their individualized plan will determine the course of treatment. This is typically a 21 day program including detoxification. Inpatient care usually begins with a thorough physical and psychological examination.

Aftercare and Relapse Prevention

Patients who are actively involved in aftercare significantly improve their chances of recovering from Alcohol and Drug dependency. Our Aftercare Program helps prevent relapse and promotes patient growth and development. We offer the following aftercare services at convenient times:

  • Individual, marital and group counselling
  • Employer consultation
  • Medication management for Alcohol and Drug dependency and other psychiatric conditions
  • Psychiatric care and supervision
  • Long-term therapy
  • Pharmacologic agents for addiction or dependency
  • 12 step program facilitation
  • Additional program details will be provided upon request.

    Some of the Psychological therapies / techniques that we provide:

    • Individual counselling to deal with personal issues
    • Group counselling / activities, Family counselling
    • Relaxation therapy, 12 step philosophy, Mindfulness based- cognitive behavior therapy
    • Evidence based therapy which includes:
      • Cognitive behavior therapy / behavior modification etc.

    Treatment Tips for Patients and Visitors

    • This is an open but supervised treatment facility, only patients who are motivated are admitted for treatment. All programs are time bound and there are no extensions.
    • Though the facility is in a hospital setting, patients are provided with a very comfortable, homely, hygienic and serene atmosphere with time given for entertainment, relaxation and exercise, a separate floor is dedicated to this division. The attending staff is very friendly and caring.
    • One member of the family will have to stay with the patient during the entire duration of 21 days in case of Residential Treatment (RT) and will have to participate in the family therapy sessions.
    • Smoking is prohibited at all Columbus Hospital facilities.
    • Cell phones, laptops, portable media players and other electronic devices are permitted but the Hospital does not take responsibility for their security or damage.
    • Family members are encouraged to stay along with the patient during the whole stay as evidence shows this improves the overall outcomes.
    • Patients are expected to attend all treatment sessions.
    • Patients should wear comfortable clothing; laundry facilities are available.
    • More information on ADRC policies will be supplied before admission.